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New customer applications may require new LED types. E Wave can undertake (i) custom packaging of LED chips or (ii) custom layout and packaging.
Custom Packaging
Custom Layout
Small LEDs: E Wave's 2 mm (diameter) plastic package is one of the smallest lead frame devices available. For even smaller devices, LED chips can be mounted on small ceramic (or silicon) submounts, and then encapsultated in plastic. Variable Sized LED chips: LED chips can be made as small as 50 x 50 um, with even smaller emitting areas. LED chips can also be made in excess of 1 x 1 mm. These can be provided as chips, or packaged LEDs.
LED Linear Arrays: LED chips can be mounted in linear arrays, on chosen submounts, and packaged. High Resolution LED Linear Arrays: For a given wavelength, E Wave can produce monolithic linear arrays of high resolution (inter pixel spacing). Custom red/green/blue (RGB) linear arrays are also available.
High Power LEDs: LED chips can be mounted in high density arrays, on chosen submounts, and packaged.


E Wave has designed red, green and blue (RGB) monolithic arrays. Key features are very small pitch (pixel spacing), providing high resolution. In addition to visible wavelengths, monolithic arrays can be fabricated in UV and IR wavelengths.

LED chips are placed on a custom designed submount, with the required tracking. The pitch (inter-chip spacing) can be closely controlled. For long arrays, standard PCB can be used. Chips of identical wavelength, or varying wavelength, such as red/green/blue (RGB), can be built into the same array.


1.5 x 1.5 mm ceramic LED with plastic lens

This LED has a height of 1 mm. It is suited to placement in linear arrays, eg on PCB submounts. Its small footprint allows high packing densities, and its plastic lens enhances light output while offering protection - an improvement over LED chip arrays.






Custom Packaging - Small LEDs

2 mm plastic LED

The 2 mm plastic LED is available in high volume, at wavelengths from blue to IR (460 ~ 1070 nm) and with different beam angles.

Normally, the smallest plastic LED with a lead fram is 3 mm diameter. E Wave designed and produced a custom 2 mm plastic LED package..

This example of the 2 mm plastic LED has a unique lens which gives a wide beam angle of 170 degrees.



2.3 x 2.3 mm plastic LED
This LED has a height of 2.8 mm. It can be made with LED chips ranging in wavelength from blue to IR (460 ~ 1070 nm).







Custom Packaging - LED Linear Arrays




Arrays of LED chips are mounted on TO headers. These can have plastic encapsulation or TO cans with windows. High power UV, visible and IR LED can be built using this technique.




Custom Packaging - High Power LEDs



For higher power LEDs, LED chips are mounted in large arrays, on high purity copper submounts. This provides superior heat sinking, as required in high power/high current operation.





Custom Layout - High Resolution LED Linear Arrays


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